Samsung SSD 840 EVO mSATA Review

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Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Samsung SSD 840 EVO series of mSATA solid state drives performed extremely well throughout our entire battery of tests. Whether using synthetic benchmarks, trace-based tests like PCMark, or highly-compressible or incompressible data, the 500GB Samsung SSD 840 EVO mSATA drive we tested offered class-leading performance. As evidenced by the ATTO Disk Benchmark, the 840 EVO excelled with small block transfers, where it outpaced a number of other drives by a significant margin.

The Samsung 840 EVO mSATA Solid State Drive

We liked Samsung’s 2.5” SSD 840 EVO series of solid state drives when we reviewed them a few months ago, and the mSATA versions are just as attractive, which is no surprise given their similarities. Performance is good and pricing is right in line with the competition. Street prices for the entire range of drives, in capacities of 120GB to 1TB are as follows:

As is typically the case, the cost per gigabyte of Samsung’s SSD 840 EVO series of mSATA drives decreases as capacities increase. So, the larger drive you can afford, the better the deal. And in light of many current competitive offerings, the 840 EVO series is downright affordable.

In terms of their performance, the Samsung SSD 840 EVO mSATA series of drives are clear winners. We can’t definitively speak to their long-term reliability since they’re relatively new, but based on past experience with Samsung’s drives, we don’t expect any surprises. Samsung is also offering a 3-year warranty on the drives, which is in-line with competing products. If you're in the market for a new solid state drive in the mSATA form factor, the Samsung SSD 840 EVO series should absolutely be one of your considerations, especially if you've got the budget for one of the larger capacity drives in the line-up.


  • Great Overall Performance
  • RAPID Mode Option
  • Competitively Priced
  • TLC NAND Technically Not As Durable as True MLC

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