Samsung SM843 Pro: Ultra Fast Data Center SSD

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Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Samsung SM843 Pro Data Center Series solid state drive is one of, if not the highest-performing SSDs we have ever tested. Although the SM843 didn't lead in every benchmark, more often than not the drive outpaced all of the others we tested, sometimes by large margins. The SM843 excelled with small file transfers and large sequential transfers, and its performance is unaffected by the compressibility of the data being transferred. Performance at high queue depths was also strong and access times were consistently low.

The Samsung SM843 Pro Data Center Series SSD

The Samsung SM843 Pro Data Center Series SSD is clearly a strong performer, but there are a couple of things that prevent it from being an all-around, solid recommendation for data center applications. First, the drive's write endurance is somewhat lower than some other recently released solid state drives targeted at the enterprise. The Samsung SM843 also lacks any sort of power loss protection, which is an important feature to help prevent data loss or corruption in the event of a power outage. Those two things may not be deal breakers for many of you, especially since consumer-class drives that also lack those features are increasing in popularity for less critical, read-heavy applications, which is the target market for the SM843.

We also have to take issue with Samsung over the pricing of the SM843, or more specifically, the total lack of pricing information available to us. When we asked for the most up-to-date pricing data available for the drive in preparation for this review, we were told, "Samsung’s SM843 is a value-priced solid state drive marketed to OEMs that is designed for data center applications with moderate ‘write’ workloads. Specific pricing varies based on contractual arrangements and market conditions.” That's all well and good, but it doesn't help us with any real data to see just how competitive (or not) the drive is priced versus competing offerings. If we had pricing data, and it was in-line with competing drives, the Samsung SM843 Pro Data Center Series would undeniably be award-worthy based on its excellent performance. Without solid pricing information though, we can't say for sure.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Strong Performance with Small File Transfers
  • Unaffected By Compressibility of Data
  • No Pricing Info Available
  • No Power Loss Protection

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