PCAudioLabs Rok Box MC 7xs Preview

Bundle Software and Accessories

Before we run down the software bundle, here's a quick shot of the Intel RST BIOS configuration screen in the Rok Box, that shows right after POST.

As you can see, the 20GB Intel SSD is setup in a RAID 0 and listed as a "cache disk."  Specifically, this SSD is caching the 500GB Seagate Barracuda drive, while the other two 1TB and 2TB drives are not in an array.  All told it's a real nice setup for speed and throughput on the OS volume with lots of secondary bulk storage.

PCAL keeps their installation otherwise free of bloatware, along with a clean setup of the OS.  The "Anniversary Bundle" as they call it, comes with ~ $600 of full version software.  We'll run through some of the highlight apps.

We can’t profess to be audio production professionals here at HotHardware, but it behooves us to give you all a glimpse into the myriad of editing and production tools included with the PCAudioLabs Rok Box MC 7xs. The list of applications installed on the machine included:
  • Sonar X1 Essential
  • Komplete 7 Elements
  • VielKlang Instant Harmony 1.5
  • Xils 3se
  • Amplitube Free
  • Sampletank Free
  • Nimbit.com subscription
In addition to the applications listed here, the Rok Box MC 7xs also includes a myriad of different audio and sample effects to the tune of almost 30GB worth of media.

Cakewalk's Sonar X1 Essential 

Sonar X1 Essential features support for 64 audio tracks and unlimited midi-tracks, a Matrix view, Step Sequencer 2.0, and a variety of included instruments and effects, including the Cakewalk sound center. The Matrix view can be used to make percussion or sound arrangements (among other things) and the suite offers pro-level production tools that aid users through all steps of the process from sound arrangement to editing to equalization and final production.


Amplitube Free

Amplitube Free offers 24 sound models for guitarists, including 9 stomps, 4 amps, 5 cabs, 3 mics, 2 rack effects and a tuner, and more models can be added via an on-line shop. SampleTank Free is a full-featured version of SampleTank 2.5, with a 500MB samples library, with 16 part multitimbral and easy layerable / mixable parts, along with 3 synth engines with built-in DSP and multi-effects tools as well. This software suite definitely left me hankering to dust off the old Fender Twin Reverb for a twist of the volume nob, making those vacuum tubes glow a bit warmer.

Komplete 7 Elements

Komplete 7 Elements is comprised of a suite of production-ready sounds and effects and includes studio-quality tools to aid in production. The Komplete Elements collection also offers three player engines—Reaktor 5 for synthesizers, Guitar Rig 5 for amplifiers, cabinets and effects, and Kontakt Player 5 for sampled instruments—which can be used stand-alone or within your DAW (digital audio workstation).

VielKlang Instant Harmony can be used to harmonize melodies and XILS 3 is a virtual instrument based on the architecture of a classic matrix based modular synthesizer. PCAudioLabs also throws in a Nimbit.com subscription to make it easy to sell your music or merchandise on Facebook.

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