OCZ Vertex 460 240GB Solid State Drive Review

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Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The new OCZ Vertex 460’s performance doesn’t blow-away the competition in any one category, but the drive did offer consistently strong performance throughout our testing. Large sequential transfers and small file transfers at high queue depths were the Vertex 460’s strengths, though even in the tests where it trailed some competing drives, the deltas separating them were relatively small.

The OCZ Vertex 460

In its product brief, OCZ says the Vertex 460 is targeted at users who want the best bang for their buck and that the drive is “designed for value-minded users who want a performance SSD with no tricks up its sleeve.” After playing with the drive for a while, it seems that is exactly what OCZ is offering here. The Vertex 460 doesn’t offer any brand-new, whiz-bang features that clearly differentiate it from many other cutting-edge, consumer class solid state drives, but it is a solid offering that should serve users well at a competitive price point.

OCZ is pricing the new Vertex 460 drives at $99 for the 120GB model, $189 for the 240GB model we tested here, and $359 for the 480GB model. Those prices are somewhat higher than the street prices for many competing drives, but once availability ramps up, we expect the Vertex 460’s price to be right in-line with the competition. That said, now that the Toshiba acquisition is final, who knows what OCZ will be able to pull off down the road. We suspect OCZ is going to have much better access to Toshiba’s NAND engineers and a strong chip supply, which could result in more finely tuned firmwares.  OCZ’s probably going to get some sweet deals on NAND pricing too, which should shake out to consumers. Time will tell.


  • Good Performance
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Bundled Acronis Cloning Software
  • 7mm Z-Height 
  • Didn't Lead The Pack In Any Particular Category

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