OCZ Vertex 4 SSD Revisited: 128GB and New Firmware

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AS-SSD Compression Test

Next up we ran the Compression Benchmark built-into AS SSD, an SSD specific benchmark being developed by Alex Intelligent Software. This test is interesting because it uses a mix of compressible and incompressible data and outputs both Read and Write throughput of the drive. We only graphed a small fraction of the data (1% compressible, 50% compressible, and 100% compressible), but the trend is representative of the benchmark’s complete results.

AS SSD Compression Benchmark{Title}
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Once we hit the 50% Compressible mark on the read test, all the drives in our test bank deliver stable and closely grouped numbers; unfortunately, our Vertex 4 128GB SSD tanked this one, offering up just 381MBps, while the next-closest drive was at 484MBps.

The write test shows an interesting pattern, which is that SandForce SSDs start the test low with incompressible data and scale high as data is more compressible, while the Crucial M4 with its Marvell controller and all three Indilinx-infused Vertex 4s kept steady numbers. Stability aside, the 128GB Vertex 4 again brought up the rear by a wide margin.

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