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As OCZ's first 1000W power supply, we will certainly say that the ProXStream 1000W unit is a successful product, as it's able to handle the fastest configurations we could throw at it without a hitch, and it has enough connectors for just about every possible system on the market. The unit currently has a price tag of about $350, right on par with other 1000W units on the market today.

While we do like this power supply, as it does exactly what it states without any issues, there are some aspects we like and dislike at this time. As for the good aspects, we like the unit's short depth, as it means the unit will fit in the vast majority of cases on the market without hassle. We also like OCZ's excellent cable sleeving, especially in regards to the red sleeved PCI Express power lines - a very nice touch.

For possible future revisions, we would urge OCZ to move to a single 120mm cooling fan instead of a single 80mm fan, since the single 80mm fan is significantly louder compared to similar wattage units using 120mm fans. We would also like to see modular cabling, and prefer a dedicated on/off switch. None of these items detract from the unit's functionality, but the unit lacks some of the nice touches which some other high-end 1000W power supplies have.

We have to give credit to OCZ for shipping an extremely efficient power supply. Both our workstation and game rig tests showed the ProXStream being the most efficiency high-end PSU in our tests, beating out established competitors across the board. Considering how efficient the unit is, we would recommend OCZ to advertise this feature, as it's one which technical users will indeed care about. All in all, the OCZ ProXStream 1000W is a high-quality power supply which demands top dollar, but delivers lots of clean power in a surprisingly small form factor. Well done OCZ. 

  • Support For Dual Processors / Quad-PCIe
  • Shorter Form Factor, Compatible With More Cases Than Other 1000W Units
  • Excellent Cable Sleeving
  • Excellent Power Efficiency
  • No Modular Cable Connectivity
  • 80mm Fan Not "Whisper Silent"
  • Fan Speed Not Variable Dependant On Load
  • No Dedicated Power Switch

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