NVIDIA's Ion Small Form-Factor PC Platform, Live From CES

NVIDIA's Ion SFF PC Platform, CES Video Spotlight

https://hothardware.com/newsimages/Item7257/nvidia_news.jpgAt the Consumer Electronics Show this past week, NVIDIA was demonstrating a new reference platform for an ultra small form-factor multimedia PC and we should underscore the word "ultra".  To say this new product concept is tiny would be an understatement.  Consider if you will, an entire PC, capable of decoding and playing full 1080p HD video content, in a box that fits in the palm of your hand with a 3" x 4" motherboard.  Based on Intel's 1.6GHz Atom 330 processor with the hearty support of NVIDIA's GeForce 9400M core logic MCP with 16 integrated GeForce graphics cores, NVIDIA's Ion has to be one of the most capable Atom-based small form-factor solutions we've seen thus far.

From what we've seen of Ion's capabilities and the capabilities of products like the Asus N10Jc Netbook (built on Intel's 945 chipset with discrete GeForce 9300M graphics), Ion should take the Netbook and Small Form-Factor Desktop game up a notch or three.  When you consider how products like the Dell Studio Hybrid could benefit from this new technology, Ion appears to be a home run in the making.

We met with Drew Henry, NVIDIA's General Manager of MCP products, at CES and he gave us a tour of Ion, as well as a demonstration of its capabilities.  We've got Ion in today's HotHardware Video Spotlight, so we'll let Drew do the talkin'.

NVIDIA-Provided Benchmarks For The Ion Platform:


Atom 330, 1.6GHz, FSB 533MHz


Single Channel DDR3-1066, 2GB


GeForce 9400M, 16 graphics cores, full HD decode




10/100/1000 Ethernet


7.1 HD Azalia

Max Res.

2560x1600 dual link DVI, 1080p HDMI

 Benchmark Test


 3DMark 06 Score (default)


 3DMark 06 SM2


 3DMark 06 SM3


 PCMark Vantage Total


 PCMark Vantage Memories


 PCMark Vantage Communications


 PCMark Vantage Gaming


 PCMark Vantage Productivity


 Call of Duty 4: Crew Expendable 1024x768, No AA, (FPS)


Image Gallery:


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