NVIDIA Quadro M2000 Review: Affordable Maxwell Pro Graphics

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Our NVIDIA Quadro M2000 Summary And Conclusion

Performance Summary: The NVIDIA Quadro M2000 is a mid-range professional graphics card for workstations, and it perform as such. The M2000's overall performance was generally better than a similarly low-powered FirePro card, though the FirePro did rattle off a few victories in the video shader compute and one of the LuxMark tests. In the popular SPECviewperf benchmarks, the M2000 finished well ahead as well. We should point out that the W4300 costs about $100 less than the M2000, though. Unfortunately, it was the only other midrange professional GPU we had on hand for comparison testing at the time.

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NVIDIA Quadro M2000 - Find It At Amazon

Throughout testing, the NVIDIA Quadro M2000 was a well-mannered, good performing product. The Quadro M2000 is based on the GM206 GPU that also powers mainstream consumer-class cards like the GeForce GTX 950, and as such, its performance won't break any records, especially in-light of powerful behemoths like its big brother, the Quadro M6000. But the Quadro M2000 is far more affordable. Whereas the M6000 commands over $4,000, the M2000 lands at roughly 1/10th that price, or at about $439 currently on Amazon.

If you're in need of a relatively affordable professional graphics card for workstation applications, the Quadro M2000 is worth a look. It's quiet, will work in any system with an open PCIe x16 slot, and can power a quartet of displays.

  • Low-Power
  • Quiet
  • Single-Slot Design
  • Quad 4K Display Support
  • Pricey vs. Desktop Equivalent
  • Pascal GPUs Right Around The Corner

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