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Crysis v1.21

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Crysis v1.21
DirectX 10 Gaming Performance


If you're at all into enthusiast computing, the highly anticipated single player, FPS smash-hit Crysis, should require no introduction. Crytek's game engine produces some stunning visuals that are easily the most impressive real-time 3D renderings we've seen on the PC to date.  The engine employs some of the latest techniques in 3D rendering like Parallax Occlusion Mapping, Subsurface Scattering, Motion Blur and Depth-of-Field effects, as well as some of the most impressive use of Shader technology we've seen yet.  In short, for those of you that want to skip the technical jib-jab, Crysis is a beast of a game.  We ran the full game patched to v1.21 with all of its visual options set to 'Very High' to put a significant load on the graphics cards being tested  A custom demo recorded on the Ice level was used throughout testing.

Although the framerates are much lower, the performance trend in our custom Crysis benchmark is virtually identical to those of ET:QW on the previous page.  The GeForce GTX 285, especially the higher-clocked EVGA GeForce GTX 285 SSC Edition, was one of the fastest single-GPU solutions, and only the dual-GPU based X2 cards and GTX 295 put up higher scores.  Can it play Crysis?  Yes.

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