NVIDIA GeForce GT 430: Cheap DX11 Graphics

The Asus ENGT430

With the exception of the heatsink, the Asus ENGT430 closely follows NVIDIA's reference design. It features a single slot cooler, with a small fan actively moving air throughout its fins. Noise level is not a factor, as this cooling system runs silently during normal operation. Asus also claims the fan is sealed and "dust proof", which should prolong its life.  



The Asus ENGT430 measures 6.3" long, and 2.8" high. No additional power connectors are required. While on the subject of power, we should also mention that the Asus ENGT430 features covered chokes, which are more power efficient and produce less heat than cheaper toroidal coil choke. And the EBGT430 uses solid capacitors, which are more power efficient and longer lasting as well.

The rear bracket sports a VGA, one HDMI, and one dual link DVI port. That's the standard output configuration found in entry level video cards targeted at the HTPC stape. Also, it's worth noting that the GT 430 does not have SLI capability.


With the ENGT430, Asus includes a user’s manual, driver disc, and two low profile brackets. The brackets are half height options for users who require only VGA or HDMI / DVI ports, and plan to install the card in a slim form factor HTPC enclosure.

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