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The nVidia GeForce 2 MX-400
What's old is what's new...

By, Jeff Bouton
April 23, 2001

Quality and Installation Of The nVidia GeForce 2 MX-400
Lights, Camera, Action!

The the MX-400 card we tested was supplied by nVidia.   As you can see, it is a simple reference design.  Once the new model starts circulating and gaining popularity with OEM's, I'm sure we'll see various changes to the over all look of the card. 

The GPU came with a stock heat sink mounted on it.  Like the original MX, I think we'll see OEM's tacking on more serious cooling solutions which should help the end-user in their overclocking efforts.  This model also came equipped with one monitor output and one TV-OUT connection.


The reference card also came equipped with 64MB of Mosel Vitalic SDRAM running at a default clock speed of 166 MHz.  Curiously, before confirming the part number on the Mosel website, we thought the card was equipped with DDR RAM.  During our testing, we loaded Powerstrip and NVMax so we could try some over clocking of this puppy.  To our surprise, the memory timings were being reported as 334MHz, which would be expected of DDR RAM (166MHz x 2).  The reason for this discrepancy is unclear at this time, but we have confirmed that it is, in fact, SDRAM.


We have also found that this reference card was barely overclockable.  Although we were able to get the core speed up to 225MHz, we could barely eke out a measly 10MHz on the RAM without the card becoming unstable.  Whether this is a result of the odd timing error, I don't know, but as a result, we didn't have any over clocking results worth posting.

Thanks to the unified nature of the Detonator drivers, installation was a piece of cake leaving little to report.  If there is one thing that is fairly idiot proof, it's installing a video card that has an nVidia chipset on it.

So, what do you say we cut the idle chitchat and start cranking out some numbers...hmm?

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