New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer Review: Low Cost, User-Friendly Creation

MOD-t Summary And Conclusion

Overall, it is important to judge a product based on the value proposition and feature claims it makes. The MOD-t was designed for home and classroom use and asserts that it is the most user-friendly printer. In this regard, we have no complaints. The printer was easy to set-up and the built-in Wifi was a great bonus feature. We could print from anywhere in the home or office to the printer, without being physically connected by a USB 2.0. This type of system would be ideal in a classroom where multiple students or educators could send items to the printing queue. There are also numerous designs on the website, so educators could potentially build lesson plans around 3D objects for visual and kinesthetic learners.

turtle and camera comparison

The quality of the prints, however, were mediocre. Even the larger, “high quality” items had their fair share of imperfections and took hours to print. Users can adjust settings, however, thicker, higher quality prints simply take a long time to manufacture. This is not uncommon for 3D printers though compared to more expensive machines, the MOD-t is slower. This could be inconvenient in a classroom, especially since some of the larger items take longer to print than school day hours. Educators and consumers will also need to budget for the consumable filament and plates as well, which can add up over time; though again, ever 3D printer has its fair share of consumables.

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We would absolutely love to see more 3D printers in this price range though. Many home and office 3D printers can cost well over a thousand dollars, so $399 can feel like a steal. Overall we approve of the MOD-t 3D printer and hope that more printers of higher quality will come out in the MOD-t's price range.
approved hh
  • Clean, futuristic design
  • Good price point 
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Easy to set-up
  • User-friendly website 
  • Some prints are time-consuming
  • Average print quality
  • Replacements parts can add up

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