MSI Big Bang XPower Review: X58, Military Style

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Performance Summary, Conclusion

Performance Summary: There's not a ton to say about the Big Bang's benchmark results—it performs exactly like an X58 motherboard should. If we widen this to include its power consumption, integrated audio, and additional features, this motherboard stands out more clearly. The XPower delivers on its promises, as long as you remember that some of its features are only useful to a small niche' of enthusiasts.

The Big Bang is competitively priced against other high-end boards, offers equivalent or superior features, and overclocks like gangbusters. Readers who aren't in the market for a $300 motherboard, however, shouldn't feel like they're settling for second-rate products if they opt for something cheaper.

Assuming that you aren't planning to play with LN2, there's nothing to suggest that lower-cost boards from any manufacturer are less reliable, durable, or failure-prone than their $300+ luxury counterparts. If you are looking for a luxury board though, the MSI Big Bang XPower should be on your short list of considerations.



  • Excellent overclocking
  • Competitive Price
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Some features only benefit tiny fringe of enthusiasts
  • OC Dashboard Breakout Box Feels Cheap

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