Micron 9100 MAX NVMe PCIe Enterprise SSD Review

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Micron 9100 MAX Summary And Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Micron 9100 MAX 2.4TB drive we tested proved to be a strong performer. Read performance was competitive across the board, and writes were among the best we’ve seen. The drive excelled as queue depths were increased and the compressibility of data being transferred had virtually no impact on performance. 4K random and 8K mixed IOPS were very good and outpaced the Intel DC P3700, and ATTO showed the drive actually surpassing the 3GB/s mark with larger transfer sizes.

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Intel Micron 9100 MAX SSD -- Find It At Amazon

Micron doesn’t typically list MSRPs for its enterprise-class solid state drives, but we’re told to expect pricing to fall in the $1.10 per gigabyte range for the 9100 PRO series drives, and $1.35 per gigabyte for the 9100 MAX, give or take a few cents depending on the capacity. Looking back at the overall performance and features of these drives, those prices are highly competitive. The Intel DC P3700, for example, currently sells for approximately $2.05 per GB, and the Micron drive we tested outperformed the DC P3700 overall. Heck, Micron’s pricing isn’t that far off from some higher-end consumer-class drives.

Ultimately, Micron’s new 9100 series solid state drives are some of the more attractive enterprise storage products available. Write performance is amongst the best we’ve seen, endurance looks good, and power is in-line as well. If you’re searching for an enterprise-class SSD and the 9100 PRO or 9100 MAX fit the bill, do yourself a favor and check them out.


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  • Strong Write Performance
  • High Endurance Rating
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Configurable Power Limits
  • Shorter Warranty Than Intel

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