Massworks ID75 USB Touchscreen

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The Massworks ID-75 USB Touchscreen
Limitless Possibilities?

By, Marco Chiappetta
September 5, 2001


Recently I was presented with an opportunity to test a truly unique product from a little known company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico...Massworks.  Massworks has developed a compact USB Touchscreen controller for Windows and Linux based PCs called the ID-75.  Initially, Massworks introduced this product to us as a "USB Touchscreen Game Controller", but once the product was in our hands and functional, it was painfully obvious that the ID-75 is capable of so much more.  We were confused as to why this product was being marketed as a game controller, so we dropped our contact at Massworks a line for their point of view.  The conversation went like this...



"I have a question regarding the ID-75 we are currently reviewing. I've been trying to make your product part of my daily routine for the past week or so, trying to get a true feel for its usefulness, quality...etc. Although it's well suited for quite a few games, I'm wondering why you're marketing this product as a game controller when there are so many other uses for it?"



"Hello Marco, You have the best questions!  You are correct, the ID-75 has so many uses that it may seem odd that it is marketed as a game controller. The simple answer to your question is that we are gamers. The idea is that you can use it for games but its usefulness does not stop there."


Well, there you have it folks!  Self professed gamers, making a product for gamers.  In a perfect world, that combination should yield an excellent product...but we all know this isn't a perfect world.  Let's take a look at what the Massworks ID-75 is made of, and whether or not it's worth spending your hard earned money on...




Specifications of the Massworks ID-75
Something New...
  • Layout software for creation of custom game layouts for simulating keyboard/mouse input, opening URLs and other actions.
  • Control program that can track the active application and automatically load predefined layouts.
  • DirectDraw/DirectInput compliant API for direct control for custom applications.
  • Utilizes a direct kernel interface for keyboard and mouse input to maximize performance and application compatibility.


  • Full speed 12 Megabit/second USB support
  • 320x240x4096 (12-bit) Color LCD (FST), 5.1 inch diagonal
  • Passive Resistive Touch sensitive panel
  • Integral Fan for reduced LCD heat smear


The Massworks ID-75 ships in an uninspiring box, bundled with the bare essentials needed to get the controller installed and configured...



Included in the box you'll find the ID-75 itself, a CD containing the drivers and Layout Creation software, a 12v DC Power adapter and a high quality USB data cable.  There was also a simple document outlining the ID-75's installation, but sadly no complete user's manual.  Considering the fairly large price tag, we would also have liked to have seen a complete game or two or some applications bundled with it that would highlight the ID-75's features and usefulness.  In it's current shipping state, the Massworks ID-75 is equipped with only the items needed to get the product up and running.  What do you say we get this baby installed and she what she's all about...


The Setup and Software...


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