Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse Review: Masterful Precision Control

Logitech's Masterful MX Master Mouse Will Spoil Your Geek Paws

Logitech's Performance MX Mouse series has long since been a favorite with enthusiasts and workstation professionals alike. Introduced to the market several years ago, it was high time Logitech revisited and refreshed their flagship general purpose mouse with the latest technologies and creature comforts. And boy what revamp this is. Whether you consider its expanded connectivity options, super-sinister sounding "Darkfield Laser" tracking technology, slick "infiniscroll" capable speed-adaptive scroll wheel, or it's super geek cool polygonal textured finish in its thumbrest area, just about everything was amped-up in this MX reincarnation. And that caused us a hard-stop pause for a double-take of Logitech's latest mechanized rodent.

And yeah, buttons? It has more of more of those too...
Logictech MX Master Mouse Dongle
Dongle included but not required - Logitech's MX Master Wireless Mouse

We have to admit, getting our attention for a mouse around here isn't something that's easy to do but the MX Master just exudes too much industrial design prowess to not pick our heads up for a closer look. Out of the box, it's a beauty to behold and the rubberized thumbrest area is the first thing to catch your eye. The polygonal surface texture here has a Tron-esque vibe to it that says you've not only entered the digital era but possibly the Matrix as well. Neo didn't work with a mouse but, like the world's most interesting man, if he did, it would likely be the MX Master (we'll pass on the Dos Equis in favor of something decidedly more hopped). Or is this more Morpheus level equipment? I digress. Let's journey on down the rodent hole.

Logictech MX Master Mouse And Box
Not pictured here is an extra long USB cable for charging the MX Master
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Well Hello There Little Thumb Wheel -

The Thumb Wheel might take a bit of getting used to but if you do tend to require some of its functionality, it can come in rather handy - fitting for a mouse, go figure. The wheel offers side-to-side scrolling functionality with a stroke up or down of your thumb. There are a number of other options within Logitech's software to enable with the Thumb Wheel but its base functionality allows side to side scrolling in a browser and other apps that enable a horizontal axis. You can also turn pages, switch applications with this wheel and the two admittedly rather small and sometimes cumbersome buttons tightly tucked in behind it, will also let you flip forward and back through browsed web pages, for example.

Speed-Adaptive Scroll Wheel, Like A Power Trip For Your Index Finger -

Logictech MX Master Mouse Wheel
The MX Master's Speed-Adaptive Scroll Wheel Is The Bomb

Perhaps it sounds a little over-the-top but the MX Master's top feature, in our book anyway, would have to be the oh-so freaking great Speed-Adaptive Scroll Wheel sitting atop this beastly productivity juicing critter. It has two distinct modes: a simple click-to-click mode like you're used to with standard mice and a free-wheeling hyper-fast scroll mode. Want to burn through a mile long web editing page, Facebook wall or Twitter feed, engage the mighty turbo-charged scroll wheel with the flick of you finger. It has a built in clutch of sorts and depending on the force you apply, will engage in hyper scroll until you stop it and then it will disengage into standard click mode automatically. This feature works so well, I found myself just slamming through web pages and copy, because I could. It's really that good and is a feature that may merit a switch from whatever mouse your on now, in and of itself. There's also a button underneath the wheel that allows it to lock into hyper-scroll mode but I found that too sensitive for my use and much preferred the slick auto-shift mode that is enabled at its default setting. In fact, it's that clutch and auto-shift functionality that makes it so fantastic. Love it. Yes, the all too rare "love" superlative must be used here. It's pretty damn fantastic. Strong work, Logitech.

Logictech MX Master Mouse Bottom

Connectivity Options And A Walk On The Darkfield Side -

The new Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse has a plethora of connectivity options and includes both Logitech's "Unifying Receiver" technology with its included dongle or Bluetooth Smart connectivity sans dongle. In addition, you can pair up to three devices with this mouse simultaneously and switch between those machines at the press of a button on the belly of the mouse. I was able to switch between a notebook we had on hand (with Bluetooth) and a desktop system easily. Another win here for flexibility. Speaking of which, Logitech's "DarkfieldTM Laser Tracking Technology" promises to be able to track virtually anywhere, even on glass, as long as the material is at least 4mm thick. We found this to be the case in practical use as well, and were able to use the device on multiple high gloss surfaces, even a glass table top. However, we would caution on the thickness caveat. There is a limit here. Mousing on some sort of glass cover matt may not be feasible. However, these use cases are rare and yes, the MX Master pretty much works on anything you put it down on, within reason.

Batteries? We Don't Need No Stinking Batteries -

Another thing to really appreciate about Logitech's new desktop-scurrying wonder is the fact that batteries are not required. The MX Master comes with a standard USB to micro USB cable that will plug into any port on your desktop, notebook or even a smartphone charger of course. Though we haven't been able to test this out fully yet, Logitech is promising 40 days up-time with the MX Master on a single, full charge, thanks to its on board Lithium-Polymer battery. In addition, if the mouse does conk out on you in the middle of something important, Logitech tells us it will store charge enough for an hour's work in only a minute. More good stuff.

Logictech MX Master Mouse Charging

Small Caveats And The Wrap -

There are a couple of downsides to the Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse, depending on your perspective. This device is not perfect but pretty close, actually. For one is the price. The MX Master retails for an MSRP of $99 though you can find it on Amazon Prime for $97 currently. This may or may not seems steep to you, depending on what you're willing to pay for a mouse. Obviously you can find such devices for a lot less but you would be challenged for sure to find a mouse with this kind of build quality, style, functionality and features. In addition, the MX Master doesn't come in a lefty version. Logitech has tried their hand (no pun intended) at lefty-designed mice in the past and they didn't sell well. Lefties are many times ambidextrous, or at least more so than many right-handed folks, but that no excuse. Lefties, no joy. Sorry.

Logitech MX Master Mouse In Hand

The other thing to consider is the fact that this is a wireless mouse and though it has a high 1600 DPI max laser/sensor specification, it's not targeted for gamers necessarily. Delay in response times, while not readily apparent in desktop applications, may or may not be suitable for gaming, depending on your personal criteria, especially if you're a fast twitch gamer type.

Other than those smaller considerations, it's safe to say we think Logitech's MX Master Wireless Mouse is pretty great. This is one of the best designed, most well-thought-out, feature packed mice we've ever used. Logitech's Speed-Adaptive Scroll Wheel is magnificent and once you've had a taste of hyper-scroll power, you'll be drunk with free-wheeling freedom. Yes, $99 for a mouse is definitely a tall order but life is short and if you've got the bank roll, this mouse is all quality and no cheese.

hothardware editors choice
  • Fantastic ergonomic design
  • Sleek good-looks class-up your desktop
  • Speed-adaptive scroll wheel ROCKS
  • Precision pointer control
  • Long 40 day Li-Po battery life
  • Left side thumb buttons are small
  • Lefty's are left out
  • As expected, on the pricey side

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