Kenwood's 72X True X CDROM Drive

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Kenwood's 72X True X CD-ROM Drive
No "specsmanship" just performance!


There is no need to ramble on about this drive anymore.  Its performance will speak volumes.


Test System 
Our setup

Full Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, AMD Athlon K7-600, MSI MS-6167 Motherboard, 128MB PC133 HSDRAM from EMS, WD Expert AC418000 7200 RPM ATA66 Hard Drive, Matrox G400MAX 32MB w/ TurboGL Drivers, Kenwood 72X True X CD-ROM and Memorex 48X CD-ROM, Win 98SE, DirectX 7


Benchmarks With The Kenwood 72X True X CD-ROM
You won't find a faster CD-ROM

We pitted the Kenwood up against a Memorex 48X EIDE CD-ROM just for comparison. It wasn't much of a match-up but what do you expect when there isn't anything that comes close to the TrueX Kenwood.


SiSoft Sandra CD/DVD Benchmark

(Click images)

Memorex 48X

Kenwood 72X True X


This just about says it all. Consistent 66X performance across the disk at a 10MB per second transfer rate. The Memorex drive looks pitiful. Is it dead or is it Memorex?! :-)

There was something interesting to note here. The access times for the drives seem to be flip flopped. The Kenwood shows 120ms. and the Memorex shows 68ms. I was suspect of these numbers so we fired up a more robust benchmark.

Ziff Davis CD Winbench 99

ZD has an excellent benchmark package for CD and DVD ROMs. It tests everything including CPU utilization.

(click for larger view)

Since the Athlon based systems are not as mainstream yet, we also set the drive up in a BX chipset based board with a Pentium!!! 600. The motherboard used was the Soyo SY-6BA+IV. We set it up on the standard DMA33 controller that comes on the board. As a side note, it is amazing to see the differences between the disk performance of the Athlon vrs. a P3 of the same clock speed.

As we saw in the Sandra benchmarks, the Kenwood drive is like a Jet Fuel Injected Funny Car when compared to a 48X drive. Once again, the Kenwood 72X True X CD-ROM shows it lives up to its 10MB/sec. claimed performance. Also, the access times are a little more in line with what we expected from both drives, sub 100ms.

CD Speed 99

CD Speed does a nice job of reporting performance across the entire disc and gives you worst case, best and average performance numbers.

This is fantastic performance and the drive easily beats anything we have tested to date.  Also note the perfect DAE quality score.  The True X 72 should rip audio CD like a walk in the park and with perfect quality.

One final note, these numbers are nice to look at but the experience when using this drive for a large program install is nothing short of amazing. We install many instances of Microsoft Windows 98SE around here these days. Never in my life has an installation gone so quickly than when using this CD-ROM drive. It literally cut the load time easily in half, maybe even less. There is a very prominent speed gain you will notice when you fire this drive up for the first time. You'll be spoiled from that point forward.


The Spin Cycle

Simply put, this is one great CD-ROM drive. The Kenwood 72X TrueX lives up to it claims of "the fastest CD-ROM Drive on earth". It is also one of the quietest. It is absolutely flawless.

The Editor Choice Award is a "no-brainer" on this one folks!

We give the Kenwood 72X True X CD-ROM Drive a Hot Hardware Temp-O-Meter Rating of...



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