Intel SSD 600P Solid State Drive Review: NVMe Performance, SATA Pricing

Intel SSD 600P Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Intel SSD 600P series 512GB drive we tested performed relatively well overall. When queue depths were cranked up or there were sustained, long sequential transfers, performance dropped off quite a bit with the drive (as evidenced by our IOMeter and ATTO results), but that’s not likely to happen often with typical consumer desktop workloads. With the trace-based tests in the PCMark suite, which is more indicative of what the drive is likely to see from the vast majority of desktop users, the Intel SSD 600P performs well and finishes just behind some of the more expensive NVMe PCIe solid state drives currently on the market.

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Intel SSD 600P Series - Find It At Amazon

The Intel SSD 600P series of solid state drives aren’t barn-burners in the benchmarks in comparison to some other NVMe PCIe SSDs, but they represent a significant upgrade over typical SATA-based solid state drives, and they offer form-factor benefits too, thanks to their M.2 ‘gumstick’ design. What will probably be most appealing to many of you is their pricing. The 512GB Intel SSD 600P series drive we showed you here is available for about $173 already, which is less than $.40 per gigabyte. That’s not too far removed from SATA-based drives, and is well below other NVMe-based offerings. If you’re in the market for the fastest NVMe-based M.2 SSD out there, the Intel 600P is not it, but if you’re looking to perk up a mainstream desktop or laptop, or build an affordable rig with modern amenities, the Intel SSD 600P is worth a look.

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Good Performance With Typical Workloads
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Performance Drops Off At High Queue Depths And With Large Sequential Transfers

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