Intel Core i7-990X Extreme: Crazy Fast Got Faster

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WinRAR Compression and Image Processing

In our custom WinRAR x64 benchmark, we take a directory loaded with two hundred, 12.1 megapixel image files and compress them into a single archive using the default WinRAR compression scheme. The length of time it took each system to save the completed archive is represented in the graph below.

WinRAR x64 v3.9 Custom Benchmark{Title}
Multi-Threaded File Compression Performance

Since this test makes use of multiple processing threads, the current fastest Sandy Bridge quad-core chip on the market does quite have the muster versus the six-core equipped 990X, 980X and 970 in this tests.  Regardless, here again, the Core i7-990X offers a repeat photo-finish, just breaking the tape before the Core i7-980X and offering the fastest time of the test group.

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