HotHardware Editor's Rig Build - 5/30/2005

A Look Inside A Monster Rig



So what does a PC Geek and EIC for a Hardware Enthusiast site do on a holiday long weekend?  Well, beside sipping a few umbrella decorated drinks by the sea, at night you can find this odd breed playing with the latest Tech Toys of course!

This weekend I built a new high performance Workstation/Gaming Rig - something I haven't done in a VERY long time...


The case I chose is the bomb... ThermalTake's VA7000BWA Shark.  In all seriousness, this case is REALLY nice.  Light-weight aluminum, 300mm fans and an HD rack with trays that have rubber bushing screw mounts for vibration dampening - like I said "da bomb"!

System Specifications
Intel, NVIDIA and ATi - Infused with goodness

Merchant links to hardware where available...




There you have it. Simply put - stock air-cooled at 4.2GHz fully stable with a 1.2GHz Front Side Bus and DDR2-667 CAS 3,2,2,7.  This new rig should last a while in the "Workstation" area for sure.  What you can't see here is that the case also comes with blue light LEDs on the backside fan and in the front bezel. 

**  Note - RAM to be upgraded to full 2GB and Graphics will be updated in the future... perhaps an SLI setup, maybe not but the nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition Asus board that was used makes a great foundation to build upon in the future.  This rig is not just dedicated for gaming but rather a multi-purpose machine.

Fast?  You bet your life... ;-)  I'll run some benchmark numbers on it some time and them up in the forum but for now, I thought this would be an interesting photo essay for you all.


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