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Software Utilities and Game Bundle Screen Shots


As we mentioned earlier, HIS includes a number of useful and fun software utilities and game titles with both the X850 XT IceQ II Turbo and X800 XL IceQ II Turbo cards we received for evaluation.   Here are two of the feature titles from that offering.

HIS Radeon X850 XT and X800 XL Game Bundle and Utilities
Well appointed

iTurbo Overclocking Software:

"iTurbo" is HIS' overclocking utility that also provides a base level of health monitoring functionality and fan speed control.  One touch of the  iTurbo button and the card is ramped up to preset overclocked speeds that are known to be stable and tested at the factory.  Below are stock and iTurbo speeds for each card we tested.

X800 XL IceQ II Turbo
Stock Speed

X800 XL IceQ II Turbo
iTrubo Speed

X850 XT IceQ II Turbo
Stock Speed

X850XT IceQ II Turbo
iTurbo Speed

At stock speed, the HIS X800 XL is clocked at 399MHz Core and 984MHz Memory, which are roughly standard X800 XL standard speeds with a little PLL clock drift factored in.  At iTurbo speed the X800 XL ramps to 432MHz core and 998MHz memory speeds, which is basically just an overclock of the VPU itself and a small tweak to the memory speed.  The HIS X850 XT's stock speeds are 519MHz core and 1080MHz DDR memory, with 540MHz core and 1180MHz memory iTurbo speeds, which puts this card on par with X850 XT "PE" (Platinum Edition) speeds and feeds.  You can then push the clock sliders up from there manually if you like to see where the overclock limit is for each board.  We'll cover more on this later in our Overclocking section.


BugBear's "Flat Out":

Just for a little taste of eye candy for you here, we fired up BugBear's "Flat Out" Stock Car Racing and Crash-up Derby game, which is a really nice addition to these two 3D Graphics/Gaming card bundles.




With DX9 level graphics, this game engine is fairly impressive in terms of scenery, modeling and overall rendering effects.  It's also a seriously fun game to play and is really a hoot for the kids and grown-up kids alike.  We especially like the "Driver Throw" competition where you literally launch your car off a steep ramp and then eject your driver through the windshield in an effort to see how far you can toss the poor fellow.  This feature is specifically what we would rate a "PG" level of game play, so make sure the young ones have Dad or Mom around so little Johnny knows not to try this at home. We have to commend HIS for dropping this game into the bundle with these two cards.  Not only does this game allow you to showcase the graphical impact and capabilities of one of these new power-house graphics cards but it's also a full version of a very solid and thoroughly enjoyable game.

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