HIS Radeon X850 XT and Radeon X800 XL - IceQ II Turbo

X800 XL IceQ II Turbo Product and Package Detail


The HIS X800 XL IceQ II Turbo is built a lot like its high end X850 brethren but with a .11 micron X800 XL VPU under the hood and no need for an external power source.

A closer look and the bundle




Again we see that HIS has gone with their signature implementation of the HSF on this card with a cooler designed by Artic Cooling, that is identical to the cooler that is used on their X850 XT card.  The good news is the X800 XL VPU itself, with its smaller .11 micron based die, radiates a lot less heat, so this cooling solution keeps up with the load that much easier, and should make for excellent overclocking.  We'll cover overclocking in detail later, no worries.

Beyond that, the bundle is also identical to that of the X850 XT from HIS, with full copies of Dungeon Siege and Flat Out, along with a myriad of cabling for literally any output option that is available on the card, even high def YPrPb component output.

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