Hell Hath No Fury: Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm


If you've enjoyed Starcraft in the past, HotS is absolutely worth a pick-up. The Arcade Mode adds a lot of great replay value to the game, the price is low compared to other full-sized games (and this is a full-sized product, even if the number of missions isn't quite as high as WoL.). The graphics engine has been tweaked with some new effects and it still looks great.

We're not crazy about the way Blizzard continues to de-emphasize offline play, but can't deny that the option remains available. If you actually can't get online, the game will start in offline mode. You can play through the campaign with no trouble, though apparently the machine needs to go online once a month to re-validate the account. That's not a thrilling restriction, but again, it's workable.

Overall opinion? A worthy follow-up to Wings of Liberty that should dispel fears that Blizzard would low ball the second and third chapters of Starcraft II in a shameless money grab. If Legacy of the Void is as good, there will be few complaints and even applause perhaps.

  • Arcade games in multiplayer
  • A worthy story update
  • Missions introduce RPG elements, varied gameplay
  • Blizz further edges towards always-online requirements
  • Evolution missions don't quite work

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