GTA V PC Performance, 4K And 3 GeForces

Wrap it up, I'll take it.

So this was a fun, quick-take view of performance and visuals with Grand Theft Auto V at 4K. Frankly, we haven't spent as much time actually playing the game as we would have liked, as we did testing it at various resolutions, image quality settings and clock speeds. However, GTA V's expansive terrain and cityscape certainly are impressive to behold, even if you're just looking at the scenery, rather than performing the requisite plundering and pillaging. It's all good, clean fun. Sort of. Well, okay, there's not much "clean" about it, but the fun factor is off the charts.

Piswasser Sign GTAV
GTA V - You have to love how it pulls no punches. Ever.
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Admittedly, with the ability to play GTA V at max IQ settings and at 4K Ultra HD resolution (again, close enough cinema-buffs, please), you'll end up a spoiled in very short order. Gaming at 4K does have the effect of once you've seen it, you can't "unsee" it. Everything just looks super-crisp, and pops with fantastic detail and you'll never want to go back to 1080p, if that's where you came from.

Test Rig2
The Alienware Area 51 glowing a mean, red-pimped hue.

hotBut do you need the likes of a fully decked-out Alienware Area 51 with Tri-SLI GeForce GTX 980 cards to get the job done at 4K? You most definitely do not. In fact, a two-card SLI setup with GeForce GTX 980s will deliver you silky smooth performance even with 2X AA turned on at max settings. And a single GeForce GTX 980 can handle 4K resolution as well, if you dial image quality back a touch.

Either way, if you've got the budget to game at 4K resolution, GTA V certainly will not disappoint. I mean, if you're going to run around terrorizing a city, performing despicable acts, you might as well do it up like a baller, no?

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