GTA V PC Performance, 4K And 3 GeForces

Visuals At 1080p and 4K

Before we get into the frame rate performance metrics of GTA V at 4K resolution, let's take a look at image quality. Below are a bunch of screen shots taken at 1080p resolution, with 2X AA enabled, as well as 3840X2160 resolution or "4K" with 2X Anti-Aliasing and also again with 4X AA enabled. The latter set of shots is about as high as you can dial things up, with a 4GB graphics card frame buffer, with the Very High Quality image quality setting in GTA V. Any higher an AA setting at 4K and you're going to see lag and occasional anomalies as a result of blowing past the frame buffer memory boundary.

Regardless, we've included both resized shots here to accommodate standard, mainstream desktop browser resolutions, as well as raw shots at full 4K resolution linked below them, so you can see the details in full fidelity.

1920 2XAA 4

Resized 1920X1080 Shot  With 2XAA

1920 2XAA 3 1920X1200 2XAA 1

1920X1200 2XAA 2

These 1920X1080 screen shots look pretty darn clean, with 2X AA enabled, though if you look closely, especially at the shots of the Vinewood sign and the bridge, you can see still some aliasing and comparatively, as you'll see, some loss of detail in spots as well. Let's take it up a couple notches to 4K.

4K with 2X AA Screen Shots Resized To 720p

4K 2XAA 4 1280 4K 2XAA 3 1280

4K 2XAA 2 1280 4K 2XAA 1 1280
Original Full Res 4K 2X AA Shots: Shot 1, Shot 2, Shot 3, Shot 4

Again, these screen shots, if you just click the thumbnails, are resized down to 1280X720, so it fits a more standard desktop resolution. However, if you click the shot links underneath the images, you can see the shots at native resolution. What becomes immediately apparent in the 4K shots is the level of detail that is far beyond what we see in the 1080p shots. In addition, anti-aliasing is much better as well. Things just pop so cleanly at 4K resolution and look fantastic, but let's clean things up a bit more with 4X AA on top of 4K resolution.

4K with 4X AA Screen Shots Resized To 720p

4K 4XAA 4 1280 4K 4XAA 3 1280

4K 4XAA 2 1280

4K 4XAA 1 1280
Resized 4K Shot With 4X AA

Original Full Res 4K 4X AA Shots: Shot 1, Shot 2, Shot 3, Shot 4

For my money, the 4X AA shots don't look appreciably better than the 2X AA shots at 4K resolution. There are very subtle improvements in areas but overall, image quality is pretty fantastic at either setting. For the extra memory bandwidth and space consumption, 2X AA with 4K resolution seems to be a better deal overall.

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