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The GA-GF2000 GF256 GTS 32MB DDR
Super stable and Super Fast, Gigabyte Does it right...

By Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta


H.H. Test System

InWin Full Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, Pentium III 933EB @ 980Mhz., Tyan S1854 (Via 133A) Motherboard and Gigabyte GA-GF2000 GF256 GTS 32MB AGP Card, 256MB of PC133 True CAS2 SDRAM from Mushkin, IBM 22Gig 7200 RPM ATA66 Hard Drive, Plextor UltraPlex 40max CDROM, Win 98SE, DirectX 7.0a, nVidia reference drivers version 5.32 & Detonator 3s.

Benchmarks With The GA-GF2000
nVidia's FSAA matures

Quake 3 at it's "High Quality" setting has been known to bring the most advanced video card to it's knees.  Let's see how the GA-GF2000 handles the "High Quality" setting with texture detail and geometry set to their respective maximums.

and overclocked...

We almost hit 100fps at 1024x768x32 folks!  That is impressive no matter which way you slice it.

Now just some of my quick philosophy.  To me, if you're interested in running your games with FSAA, you're looking for the utmost in image quality.  Because of this reason, I ran the FSAA benchmarks at Quake 3's "High Quality" setting.  The numbers are nice, but realize that at the "Normal" setting, or even lowing the texture detail slightly would give these numbers a significant boost.

800x600 looked fantastic and was fairly playable.  nVidia's 2x2 AA looks excellent and with virtually any other game genre is playable even at higher resolutions.

In conclusion I have to say that the Gigabyte GA-GF2000 was impressive.  The combination of Gigabyte's craftsmanship and nVidia's excellent engineering, is a match made in "cyber" heaven.  Those looking for a no-nonsense high performance gaming card that don't need bells and whistles like TV-In or Out and aren't willing to shell out the major bucks that a GeForce 2 GTS Ultra will command, should look no further.  We give the GA-GF2000 a rating of..

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