Epox 8K7A+ AMD 761 / VIA 686B Hybrid

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The Epox 8K7A+ AMD 761 / VIA 686B Hybrid
Is there a new Sheriff in Town?

By, Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta
August 9, 2001

We ran ZD's Business and Content Creation Winstone benchmarks to test "real-world" performance in Office type and Multimedia applications.

More Performance
Let's Get it On!


These are the highest scores I personally have ever seen posted by a single CPU system running this test under Windows ME.  Although having this much horsepower is overkill when running a word processor or spreadsheet, its nice to know the power is on tap should you need it!


The Content Creation tests are a bit more "strenuous" than the Business apps...

The same holds true in this test.  The Epox 8K7A+ has posted the highest scores I have personally witnessed.  Whether working or playing, this board it definitely a top notch performer.

We should also mention that throughout testing, the 8K7A+ did not crash at all.  This is a very stable board.  The extra steps Epox has taken cooling the Northbridge and applying heatsinks to the transistors used in the power array have surely paid off.

Reviewing the Epox 8K7A+ was an absolute pleasure.  This is a true enthusiast's motherboard, offering all of the features we crave wrapped in a high performing, stable package.  Having to adjust certain settings via DIP switches and jumpers on the board may turn off some users, but its not a major issue once you understand the benefits.  We liked the layout and slot configuration, and had excellent luck while overclocking.  Anyone looking to build a high-end Athlon system should seriously consider the Epox 8K7A+.  One thing is for sure, this motherboard has found a new home in this reviewer's personal system.  The Epox 8K7A+ receives a rare HotHardware Editor's Choice Award and a Heat Meter rating of... 

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