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The Elsa Gladiac 64MB DDR GeForce 2 GTS
You Do Play Games, Right?

By Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta


Quality and Installation Of The Gladiac 64
Good Stuff...

The physical quality of the Gladiac 64 is very good.  Close inspection of the board reveals some high quality workmanship.  I feel this should be expected with reputable manufacturers that have been adhering to the nVidia reference design, because it hasn?t changed much since the first TNT2?s were released. 


There are some chinks in the armor though.  Chips manufactured with an .18-micron process inherently run much cooler than chips using a ?larger? process.  This fact was probably considered when Elsa was deciding what type of heatsink / fan combo to install in the Gladiac, as it seems conservative compared to some of their competitors.

Not only is it rather wimpy, it is mounted with thermal epoxy?YUCK!  The nVidia reference design already has holes in the PCB for mounting other types of chip coolers.  I wish more manufacturers would utilize them and use thermal paste as the interface material.  The few extra pennies spent manufacturing cards this way would probably more than pay for itself with less support calls and a longer lasting product.  Heck, cards might even be able to ship clocked at a higher default speed if the cooling solutions were more robust.  Having said that, I did however have very good luck overclocking this board.

There is no video or in or out available on the board in it?s default configuration but it is offered in the form of an optional add-on.  However, ELSA does offer full support for their 3D Revelator Glasses with the Gladiac, which might sway a few potential buyers to look away from their competitors.

One other factor worth mentioning is the warranty Elsa offers with the Gladiac.  This board is covered by a full 6-year warranty.  This is a testament to the confidence Elsa has in their products.

Speaking of Quality?nice segue, huh? The visual quality of the Gladiac is excellent, but similar to other GeForce 2?s out there.  Here is a screenshot of F.A.K.K. 2 at 1024x768x32 using the 2x2 AA setting.

It looks very good but if you endeavor for the best visual quality available, you may want to check out ATI?s Radeon or 3dfx?s Voodoo5.  In my opinion they both offer slightly better image quality.  However, this is very subjective, so the best advice we can give you is to experience all these cards in action and choose the one you like best.

Installation of this card was a snap, if you follow the directions.  Popping the card in your AGP slot and pointing Windows to the directory where your files are located is all it takes.  Elsa ships the Gladiac with their version of nVidia?s reference drivers called the WinMan suite.  The functionality is excellent, and installation was painless but power users will opt for the newer, higher performing Detonator 3?s.  Here are some screen captures of Elsa?s control panels but all benchmarks appearing later in this review were taken using the new nVidia Detonator 3 Reference Drivers.



Overclocking and Gaming Performance


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