DVD+/-RW Drive Round-up 2007

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Real World Tests - Burning Discs and Lightscribe

Disc Burning Speed Tests
Burn, baby, burn


Probably the most important metric when comparing burners would be how fast they complete the act of copying files to different kinds of media.  We used Nero DiscSpeed to fill each disc and timed the process from start to finish.  Once again, the Lite-On LH-20A1L outperformed the other two drives, although, to be fair, the Asus and Lite-On drives burn CDs at a max speed of 48x, Plextor at 40x.  Plextor's 18x PX-810SA, however, turned the tables on the "faster" 20x drives by producing the quickest burns on both DVD+R and DVD-R media.

Lightscribe Burning Timings
Labels?  We don't need no stinkin' labels!


We kind of threw this one in here just to show how long it actually takes to burn an image to disc using the LightScribe software.  Almost brings back memories of burning CDs using a 2x CD-RW drive over a decade ago, doesn't it?  Not to mention that this is the default setting for the LightScribe software, as there is an option to create a darker burn with the caveat that burning times will be even longer.

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