Das Division Zero X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

Division Zero X40 Pro Design and Features

It's our opinion that every mechanical keyboard should come with a keycap puller tool—they're cheap additions—and Das Keyboard gets kudos for including one here. The X40 Pro also comes with a sticker of the Division Zero logo and a hex key (Allen wrench) to remove the screws holding the swappable faceplates in place.

Division Zero X40 Pro with LEDs

Up until now, Das Keyboard has stubbornly refused to add LED backlighting to its keyboards. Perhaps it's because the original model came with blank keycaps, an option that's existed with every generation of Das Keyboard to follow. Whatever the reason, it's been noticeably absent, and rectified with the X40 Pro.

Das Keyboard chose the color red for its LED backlight. According to Das Keyboard, "red LEDs help to dilate the eyes and improve vision while gaming in the dark." That might be true, but we'd still prefer an RGB backlight to switch colors on a whim. In the absence of that, you can choose between levels of brightness, or turn the backlight off altogether.

The design of the Division Zero X40 Pro is understandably more aggressive than what we're used to seeing from Das Keyboard. However, the quality is on par with what we've come to expect from the company. This is a sturdy plank outfitted with a 1.8mm coated aluminum top panel with injection molded plastic underneath. It doesn't feel cheap, and at nearly 4 pounds, it packs some heft.

Division Zero X40 Pro Screws

One of the selling points of the X40 Pro is that you can customize it with removable top panels, a feature that no other mechanical gaming keyboard can boast, according to Das Keyboard. It takes a few minutes to swap out a panel, as they're held in place with eight screws.

There are two designs to choose from. One is called Defamer and it's available in Silver and Mustard color options, and the other is called Stryker, which comes in Silver, Red, and Olive color options. These run $39 a pop—not exactly cheap, but they're made of sturdy aluminum, not plastic.

Division Zero X40 Pro Olive Division Zero X40 Pro Red

Our review model came with the Stryker faceplate in Silver, though Das Keyboard also sent along two additional top panels featuring the same design in Olive and Red so that we could compare. It's entirely subjective as to which one looks best, though the wildest design of the bunch is one Das Keyboard didn't send, the Defamer in Mustard (yellow and black).

Division Zero X40 Pro Media Keys

The Division Zero X40 Pro doesn't have dedicated media keys or a large volume dial like the Das Keyboard 4 Pro does. Instead, the media controls and various other options are integrated into the Function keys and Esc key (sleep). These controls allow you to turn the backlight brightness up or down, disable the Windows key, play/pause music, go to the next or previous music track, adjust the volume, and record macros.

The labels for these secondary functions are cleverly located on the side of the keycaps rather than on top sitting above or below the primary function. By putting them on the side of the keycaps, Das Keyboard is able to maintain uniform backlighting, which isn't the case with other keycaps that have two rows of labels.

 Division Zero X40 Pro Numpad Division Zero X40 Pro Macro Keys

The Division Zero X40 Pro is a full-size keyboard with a dedicated number pad on the right-hand side. Some gamers prefer a compact plank that does away with the numpad to save space, though that approach also limits the utility of the keyboard beyond gaming.

On the left side of the X40 Pro are five dedicated macro keys labeled M1 through M5. You can record basic macros on these keys without installing any software. To do so, press Fn + F12 (macro recording) to tell the keyboard you want to record a macro, then press the dedicated macro key you want to save your keystrokes to. Once you've done that, create your macro by pressing the desired keys and finish things off by pressing Fn + F12 again. Easy cheesy, right?

Division Zero X40 Pro Ports

As for connectivity, the Division Zero X40 Pro offers a USB 2.0 pass-through and both headphone and microphone ports. This convenience adds to the bundle of braided cables, which measure 6.5 feet (2 meters). And for those who care, the audio connector minijacks at the ends of the cables are gold plated.

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