Definitive 2TB HD Roundup: WD, Seagate, Samsung

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PCMark Vantage HDD (cont.)

The next series of Vantage tests stress the write performance of the drives. Applications like video editing, streaming and recording use a high mix of random write transactions.

Futuremark's PCMark Vantage

This subset of the PCMark Vantage HDD tests focuses more on the writing performance potential of the drives. That said, there is no change in the leader board, with the same drives continuing to take top honors. The ranking of these top-performing drives changes a bit, though--going from faster to slower, we've got the WD RE4 2TB, WD Caviar Black 2TB, Seagate Constellation ES 2TB, and Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB. The Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB once again is the winner among the general-purpose drives.

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