Crysis 3 Multiplayer Preview Shines, Even In Alpha


Normally we don't cover games that are still in alpha. While beta coverage is typically a good example of how final gameplay is shaping up, alpha is a time when major design elements are still in flux. We're making an exception for Crysis 3's recent multiplayer test, however, to highlight just how gorgeous the game already is.

Hi there!

Last week, Crytek held a closed alpha test for Crysis 3. Players were limited to DX11 video cards and just one map, Crash Site, though 16-player support was implemented. Crytek sternly advised everyone that all of the maps and scenery were placeholders and not indicative of the final shipping product.

The ruined buildings and collapsed multi-story structures work well

One of the questions after the Crytek 3 engine unveil a few months back was whether or not the screenshots and video were actual gameplay footage or were souped-up engine demonstrations that didn't actually show what players would experience. This playtest definitively confirms that the company wasn't lying about what it could accomplish with the new engine. Feast your eyes.


This particular map is rather dark and foggy, but that fits thematically with what's happened to this section of New York City. According to the game's plot, New York City is now covered in a "Nanodome" and has literally become a concrete jungle. Jungles can be vibrant, colorful places -- or they can be steamy, foggy, swamps. What we've got here reflects the latter more than the former, but Crytek has stated that each section of the Dome has its own unique look/feel.

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