Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speaker System and HS1A Headset

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Corsair HS1A, the Perfect Companion

While testing the SP2500 speaker system, Corsair also sent over a pair of their recently released HS1A gaming headphones. The HS1As are very similar to the excellent HS1 headset Corsair launched a while back, with the exception that the newer HS1A kit uses an analog connection, rather than the digital USB connection of the originals.

Like the HS1 headset, the HS1A is a traditional 2-channel headset with circumaural cups, which is to say they surround the listener’s entire ear. There is ample padding around the cups and headband and a soft terry-cloth like microfiber covering which helps keep the listener’s ears dry during extended sessions. Leather covers are also included if that’s your thing. A boom microphone is mounted on the left side and a 3 meter cable with inline volume / microphone controls terminate in standard 3.5mm (1/8”) connectors for the headphones and microphone.

Corsair HS1A Headset
Specifications & Features

  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • 32 Ohms impedance at 1kHz
  • Custom-engineered 50 mm drivers with 24 mm copper-wound voice coils
  • Extra-large circumaural earcups with a closed-back, noise-isolating design
  • Two sets of replaceable memory foam earpads: one covered in microfiber, one in synthetic leather
  • Attached 3 meter cable with inline volume/microphone controller and dual 3.5 mm (1/8”) connectors

  • Unidirectional, noise-cancelling condenser with adjustable, rotating boom
  • 2.2k Ohms impedance
  • 200Hz to 10kHz (+/- 3dB) frequency response
  • -45dB (+4/-2dB) sensitivity
Package Contents

  • HS1A gaming headset with inline volume controller/microphone mute
  • Quick Start Guide

We decided to showcase the HS1A headset here because we found them to be a great companion to the SP2500s. The SP2500 control pod features a headphone output and a preset EQ mode geared for headsets and when the HS1As were used in conjunction with the SP2500s, sound quality was fantastic.

The specifications of the Corsair HS1A headset are listed above. As you can see there’s no fancy positional audio trickery going on here, just a wide frequency response, with noise-isolating earcups.

Using the same array of music, movies and games mentioned on the previous page, we found the Corsair HS1A headset to offer excellent sound quality. When uses with the SP2500’s control pod set to the Headphone EQ preset in particular, we found the combination to be excellent. The Corsair HS1A headset is available for about $89, which also makes them rather affordable in light of many other gaming headsets currently on the market, that don't offer the kind of sound quality that the HS1As do.

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