NVIDIA Demos 3D Surround Gaming On GF100

GF100 In SLI Powers 3D Vision Surround Gaming

Some of the most impressive booths at CES 2010 used walls of screens that were spanned and combined to display one scene. The experience is similar to walking into Best Buy and standing in the middle of the TV section while surrounded with LCDs and Plasmas, but perhaps on a grander scale. While companies have been using this tactic for years in order to leave a lasting impression on consumers, gamers are now able to make use of multiple screens in order to maximize the adventure. Without a doubt, multi-panel gaming is the hottest ticket in the enthusiast scene. While ATI's Eyefinity has been on the market for a few months now, NVIDIA's Surround Gaming will show up very shortly. Here's what we saw at CES.   

Multi-Panel Gaming Across Three Displays in 3D

The NVIDIA booth was home to a mezmerizing setup that consisted of three projectors displaying a racing simulation across a single wide screen. The system consisted of two, soon to be released GF100 cards in SLI. We were told that one graphics card powered one of the projectors while the other GF100 powered the other two displays. That leads us to believe that NVIDIA's Surround technology requires more than one GPU, but we'll see if that's the case at launch.

In case you are wondering why the game looks fuzzy, its due to the use of NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology. The combination of multi-panel Surround Gaming and 3D Vision creates a unique experience that gamers will be able to take advantage of sometime early this year.  


3D Vision DX 11 Rocket Sled Demo Running on GF100 Tri-SLI Watercooled Monster

Also in the booth, we spotted a Tri-SLI GF100 setup running the 3D Vision Rocket Sled demo. Rocket Sled was an interactive game that utilized both 3D Vision and DirectX 11. The experience was impressive and we can't wait to see some of the visuals effects employed in next-gen titles. 

NVIDIA was clearly eager to show the press that their GF100 was alive, well and drawing near to launch but they weren't allowing hands on interaction with the new GPU.  Stick around however.  We have a feeling that we'll soon get a taste of GF100 here at the HotHardware labs and that means you'll soon be getting a taste as well.

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