The CDI Alaska Cool-Case
Divine Intervention or Invention ?

There are three main problems that you'll need to solve with respect to your next computer case selection, accessibility, looks, and cooling/ventilation.  The folks at Computers Divine told us they have the solution.  They claim the "Alaska Cool-Case" is an answer to your prayers sent from the heavens above.

Wow, what an intro.  We thought this sounded a little "over the top" too.  So we decided to get in a little piece of heaven to see what it looked and performed like.  This is the H.H. take on the Alaska Cool Case from CDI. Divine Intervention or just a cool invention?  You decide...

Specifications / Features - The Cool-Case
Mid ATX with an attitude

(click to see it in all its gothic glory)

  • Mid Tower ATX w/ 300 Watt Power Supply

  • 19"H x 9"W x 17"L

  • Weight is approx. 21-lbs.

  • 3 - 5.25" bays and 2 - 3.5" bays

  • 2 30mm Hard Drive Cooling Fans and Vent in 5.25" bay

  • 7 - 80mm circular case ventilation fans with extra cabling and harnesses

  • Slide off side panels for easy access

  • Ventilated front panel

  • "Bad-Ass"  Blank and Gold Marble paint job...

    • Your friends will be envious and you will want to "Turtle-Wax" it on Sundays


This bad boy already has the blowers now all it needs is side pipes!  We decided to take the above shot on some cold concrete.  It is a really mean looking case and we wanted to shoot it in a mean environment.  The paint job is a hoot!  This thing looks like it is a customized hot-rod out of a magazine.  If you are the type that wants a low profile case that will blend into the scenery, this is not your case.  On the other hand, if you like looking stylish as you're "offing" your friends in a round of Quake3, this thing is right up your alley. 

The cooling fans cut into the case, have a black grill covering providing a nice finished look. It also keeps the critters from straying into the blades leaving road-kill as you cruise the info-bahn.  There are the 4 fans you see on the side and 1 on the other side adjacent to the top fan in the picture above.  There are also fans in the front chassis, pulling air into the case through the bezel and in the back blow air out.  Finally, 2 - 30mm fans are mounted directly behind a plastic painted grill in one of the 5.25" bays.  These are for keeping a drive chilly.


(The back is a standard ATX setup - click image)

The backside is pretty straight forward but has the additional vents for the chassis fan blow out.

Cracking it open...


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