ATI FirePro V8700 Workstation Graphics Card

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Testbed, 3D Studio Max, Maya

Test System Details
Specifications and Revisions

  • Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 (3.0 GHz) Quad Core (1333 MHz FSB)
  • 4 x Kingston DDR2-800 CAS 4-4-4-15 Modules (4 GB Total)
  • 1 x eVGA nForce 680i SLI LT Motherboard
  • 1 x Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000 RPM SATA Hard Disk
  • 1 x Plextor DVD+/-RW Serial ATA Optical Drive
  • 1 x Corsair HX620W 620W Modular Power Supply
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32-bit)

  • ATI FireGL V5600 512 MB
  • ATI FireGL V7600 512 MB
  • ATI FireGL V8600 1 GB
  • ATI FireGL V8650 2 GB
  • ATI FireGL V8700 1 GB
  • Nvidia QuadroFX 1700 512 MB
  • Nvidia QuadroFX 3700 512 MB
  • Nvidia QuadroFX 5600 1.5 GB

OpenGL Modeling / Texturing Performance
Lower Times Are Better

OpenGL Modeling / Texturing Performance
Lower Times Are Better

3D Studio Max shows a massive performance boost compared to the FirePro V8700 and ATI's previous generation FireGL V8600-series cards. Not only is the V8700 besting the competition here, but it's doing so at a much lower price point. Keep in mind that the FirePro V8700 is about half as much as the V8650 and QuadroFX 5600 cards.

Maya shows no solid gain or decline in the SPEC benchmark suite. As an interesting twist, we have started to test this in Windows Vista x64 as well, and in that operating system, the scores between the cards are nearly identical around ~750. It seems Nvidia's driver set for XP aren't as strong in Maya, but they seem to perform pretty closely in Vista. Good to note.

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