Asus V8200T2 and V8200T5 Titanium GeForce3's

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Asus V8200T5 Deluxe and V8200T2 Deluxe
GeForce3 Titanium Series
Hot Hardware - nVidia Titanium - Light and Strong

By Dave Altavilla

GL Excess is our synthetic OpenGL benchmark of choice these days.  The eye candy is pretty impressive with these tests as well.


Dueling OpenGL
Something new and the legendary Q3

We'll save your Quake 3 numbers for last, just to teach you a little patients.  :)  Here's OpenGL in "Excessive" amounts.

And what did you expect?  More of the same neck and neck performance versus the Visiontek offering.  Interestingly enough, we see the Asus boards trail slightly here and there.  However, with less than a 5% deviation, there are no real conclusions to be drawn here, except that solid performance was shown all around.

Let's Quake...

More great performance from both the Asus and Visiontek camps here.  You've got to love 1600X1200X32 @ 99 frames per second.  But what about AA numbers?  We're glad you asked...

At a resolution of 1024X768 and color depth of 32 bit, 4X Anti-Aliased scenes from Quake3 Arena, look fantastic.  At 75 and 60 frames per second, they move as smoothly as they look.

What we've seen with the Asus V8200T5 and T2 Deluxe products, is nothing short of top notch quality and performance.  Additionally, with these Deluxe models, you'll get TiVo features that you most likely won't find on many other cards on the market these days.  Conversely, we'll have to note that both the V8200T5 Deluxe and V8200T2 Deluxe will most likely run you $25 to $50 more than competitive "vanilla" Geforce3 Ti200 and Ti500 cards.  So, you should should expect to pay a little more, if you plan to go the Deluxe route.  There are always Asus "Pure" versions of both of these cards however, if you aren't interested in the extra bells and whistles.

For now, we'll give the Asus V8200T5 Deluxe a HotHardware Heat Meter rating of....


And for its fabulous over-clocking prowess, we'll give the Asus V8200T2 Deluxe a Heat Meter score of....


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