Asus Turbocharges USB 3.0 With SCSI Technology

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PCMark 7

PCMark 7's extensive storage benchmarks are designed to measure performance in a variety of real-world scenarios, including file copies, Windows Defender scanning, and application launches. We've broken the data down into two groups -- one graph for the Corsair Force 3 SSD (using both the Intel and Asmedia controllers) and a second graph for the Western Digital VelociRaptor and Caviar Green hard drives, tested on the Asmedia 1042 controller.

The SSD graph shows Intel ahead of Asmedia in normal mode by roughly 3%. When we turn Turbo mode on, Intel's performance doesn't budge. UASP, however, makes a modest difference -- the Force 3 solid state drive is eight percent faster when running in this mode.

The VelociRaptor only picks up 2% here, and that's small enough to be within the margin of error. The Caviar Green's score doesn't even budge. This lines up with what Asus told us -- you need an SSD to see much of a real-world advantage.

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