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Performance Summary: We were generally pleased by the Asus PW191. Image quality seemed good overall, and there were no dead or stuck pixels on the screen.  Even if there were though, Asus' ZBD (Zero Bright Dot) warranty implies that the company will replace any PW191 that suffers from pixel defects. Colors were well-saturated, and the panel had good brightness. There were some tones and hues that seemed slightly off, however, as they tend to be with LCDs equipped with a glare-type coating.  Watching movies was more than enjoyable, once we adjusted the panel to compensate for some slightly pink flesh tones and fast-paced game tests revealed very little or no ghosting.

The Asus PW191 is a top-notch LCD monitor in many respects.  Image quality is generally very good, the pixel response time is fast enough that ghosting is not an issue, and aesthetically the PW191 has to be one of the slickest LCD monitors we've ever come across.  The PW191's glare-type coating is neither a benefit nor a detriment depending on your particular preference (we like it), but a couple of niggling issues prevent the PW191 from being truly great. While they look good, the occasional unresponsiveness of the controls can be annoying.  And at approximately $330, the PW191 is a bit more expensive than similar monitors in its class. Would we recommend the PW191?  Yes, absolutely.  We enjoyed working with this monitor over the course of our evaluation and think most users would like working with it too.  We're giving the Asus PW191 an 8 on the Heat Meter.

  • Good Image Quality
  • Zero Bright Dot Warranty
  • Great Looking
  • Better than average integrated speakers
  • DVI and VGA inputs
  • Unresponsive Controls
  • Reflections and Glare in some lighting conditions

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