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Menus and Settings


One of the more interesting features of the ASUS display is the ability to choose between five basic application modes. Each of these modes comes with its own display setting presets that lend themselves best towards specific applications. Here, the user can choose between "Scenery", "Theater", "Night", "Standard", and "Game" modes.

Menus and Settings
Control and ease of use


Pressing the "Menu" key brings up the "Scenario" screen illustrated in the image above. From top left to bottom right, we have the following options. "Scenario" gives the user the ability to choose which of the five application modes he/she would like to use. The next option is color select which allows adjustment for skin tone, color temp and color gum intensity. Luminance is the next setting which is offered and provides the ability to modify contrast and brightness settings. Adjustments for the OSD then follow with basic positioning being the main focus. Image setup is the last critical adjustment setting with basic panel information and factory resets rounding out the last of the available options.


Those users who end-up taking advantage of the integrated speakers can adjust the volume of the audio directly from the LCD. Here, discrete volume controls can be found on the right-side of the display. Once these buttons are pressed, the user is prompted with an On-Screen Display which illustrates how the volume is being changed.

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