Asus EN9800GT Matrix GeForce 9800GT

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Overclocking the Matrix EN9800GT

Overclocking the Asus EN9800GT Matrix GeForce 9800GT
Raising the bar even higher

With its slight factory overclock and custom cooler, we were not certain what to expect when ramping up the clock speeds with the Asus EN9800GT Matrix.  Loading NVIDIA's nTune software, we raised the GPU and Memory speeds as high as they would go while still being able to complete the built in GPU stress test.  We then ran our Half-Life 2:  Episode Two benchmark, throttling back the clock speeds as needed until the test would complete without issue.


Our efforts proved fruitful, squeezing out an additional 78MHz of GPU speed and uncovering an additional 150MHz (300DDR) of memory speed.  These gains had measurable effects on the benchmark results as well, tacking on 14 FPS at 1280x1024 and 12 FPS at 1600x1200.  This equaled increases of 12% and 13.9% respectively; a sizable performance gain.  These gains allowed the EN9800GT to nearly match the results of the EN8800GTX, however, the card was not able to eclipse the performance of the ATI Radeon 4850, which posted excellent results in this test.

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