Asus CRW5224A 52X CDRW Drive!

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The Asus CRW5224A - 52X CDRW Drive
The fastest rated burn speed on the planet.. for now.

By Dave Altavilla
December 13, 2002

It seems as though CDRW Drive technology is evolving as fast, if not faster, than Hard Disk technology these days.  It's amazing to think that CD Burning speeds are now on par with Read speeds.  However, that's exactly what the Asus CRW5224A is proposing it brings to the market.  With 52X Write, 24X Re-Write and 52X Read speeds, this drive should by all rights serve you as not only a speedy CD Burner but also a fast CDROM reader as well.  Asus historically has made a good name for themselves as a quality motherboard manufacturer targeting the enthusiast market. 

This new Asus 52X CDRW drive is no exception, boasting what is currently the fastest write speed in its class.  However, will this new Optical Drive from Asus live up to the quality legacy that Asus has built in motherboards?  We'll provide you the details on that, in the pages ahead.

Specifications of the Asus CRW5224A
Burn as fast as you can read!
Drive Technology:
  • Multi-functions: 52X Write/24X Rewrite/52X Read
  • CAV (Constant angular velocity) Writing Strategy
  • FlextraLink? Buffer Underrun Errors Prevention Technology
  • FlextraSpeed? Optimal Writing Speed Adjustment Technology
  • Superior Stability with DDSS II (2nd Generation Double Dynamic Suspension System)
  • Proprietary AI Auto Speed Adjustment Technology
  • Swift Data Recording: Burn a Full 650MB CD in less than 2 1/2 Minutes
  • High-Speed DAE (Max. 52X) and VCD Data Extraction Supported
  • Mt. Rainier Supported
  • Windows XP Logo Certified
  • Plug & Play Supported
  • Supports Multi-Format and O/S Compatibility
  • Vertical and Horizontal (+5o ~ -5o) Mounting Available
  • Unique Dust-Proof and Noise-Control Design

Retail Package Contents:

  • ASUS Internal IDE 52X CD-RW Drive
  • Cable Set (IDE Cablw + Screws + Audio Cable)
  • Bundle S/W CD (Latest CD Burning Software) 
  • Manual (English + Traditional Chinese) 
  • Quick Installation Guide in 12 Languages 
  • 1X ASUS 52X Blank CD-R Disc
  • 1X ASUS 24X Blank CD-RW Disc
  • 1X Emergency Eject Pin and Instruction Slip




The kit we received from Asus, was a bit more robust than the actual package contents detail in the specs above.  There was actually a stack of 52X media included in our kit, as well as three CD-RW discs.  Users can only expect 1 of each of these discs in the retail box.  Beyond that, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Asus includes a full release copy of Nero Express, for use with the drive.  This is by far our favorite Burning Software to work with.

The drive itself is very well built.  The tray has a solid feel to it, unlike the somewhat flimsy trays we've grown accustomed to from Plextor.  The LEDs on the front panel of the drive, are dual color.  They glow green during read operations and yellow/amber during writes.  This is a cosmetic feature mostly but still a nice touch.  Finally, Asus incorporates their trademarked "FlextraLink" and "FlextraSpeed" technology into this drive.  FlextraLink is their Buffer Underrun technology for coaster free burning.  FlextraSpeed is their write technology, for fast burn speeds across various types of media.  More on this later but as you will see, this FlextraSpeed feature was more than just a marketing gimmick.

Software, Test Setup and Preliminary Testing


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