Asura Genesis Xtreme SSD Review: Speedy NVMe With RBG Bling

Asura Genesis Xtreme: Our Summary and Final Verdict

Performance Summary: Asura Genesis Xtreme performed relatively well throughout our battery of tests. The drive offers highly competitive sequential transfers that met or exceeded its rated 3.5GBs (reads) / 3GB/s (writes) in a few tests. The Asura Genesis Xtreme also put up some strong 4K transfers, but only at higher queue depths. In the important lower queue depth 4K transfer tests, the drive’s read speed typically trailed, but writes were competitive with other high-end NVMe SSDs. The same can be said about its latency characteristics, where we saw competitive write latency, but somewhat higher read latency.

The Asura Genesis Xtreme is an interesting product. Although the company is a relatively new-comer to the space, Asura has manage to put together a drive that competes favorably with some of the better consumer-class SSDs currently on the market. The Asura Genesis Xtreme also offers some cooler features, like is dual-heatsink design and built-in RGB lighting. To further entice potential customers, Asura also backs the drive with a long 7-year warranty.

Pricing for the 1TB Asura Genesis Xtreme we showed you here is $189 at the moment. That puts its cost per gig at about $0.18, which makes the drive relatively affordable considering its features, performance, and warranty – it’s more expensive than a 970 EVO, for example, but cheaper than a 970 EVO Plus. Asura’s asking price nets some nice features and a long warranty, but whether or not that’s worth taking a shot on the company will be a matter of opinion. Considering the components at play here and Phison’s and Toshiba’s solid reputations and long history with working with partners, the Asura Genesis Xtreme should server consumers well over the long haul. If the drive has you intrigued and it fits your budget, it is worthy of consideration.

  • Modular Heatsinks
  • RGB Lighting
  • Fast Sequential Transfers
  • Long Warranty
  • High Queue Depth 4K Transfers
  • Low Queue Depth 4K Transfers
  • Somewhat High Read Latency
  • Relatively Unknown Company

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