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The Asetek Vapochill Vapor Phase Cooling System
Taking the Pentium 4 To 3.3GHz And Beyond

By, Dave Altavilla
October 23, 2002

It was time to get a little more serious about our testing and fire up some real world applications and benchmarks, that would stress our new found clock speed and showcase the performance advantages that the Vapochill could bring to the table.


Benchmarks - PCMark 2002, 3DMark 2001SE and Comanche 4
Percentage Gains In Performance

MadOnion's PCMark 2002 Processor and Memory Performance tests were used to look at the relative performance levels of the 3.3GHz Vapochilled P4 versus its stock speed counterpart.  The CPU test in particular utilizes the following benchmark components.

CPU Test:

  • JPEG decompression

  • Zlib compression & decompression

  • Text search

  • MP3 Audio Conversion

  • 3D Vector Calculation

Here we see a modest 14% performance gain in both the Memory and CPU Tests.  This test suite certainly has a synthetic feel to it.  Regardless, the scores are a indicative of real world performance metrics for things like JPEG compression and MP3 Audio conversion.


In the 3DMark2001SE test, we also overclocked our Radeon 9700 Pro to a core clock of 375MHz and memory speed of 700MHz DDR, just to help alleviate any bottleneck the graphics pipeline could be imposing on this test.  However, we wanted to run the stock benchmark, as many folks do, who download the demo version of 3DMark, so you could see things from a well known reference point.  All told, we're looking at a 10% gain.  However, keep in mind you can't possibly score an "absolute zero" 3DMark in this test, so the impact is greater than it may seem at first glance.


Novalogic's Comanche 4 is far more demanding on the host processor of a given system, rather than the graphics engine.  In short, the game is very much a CPU hog.  There are a lot of physics calculations that are made during in game action, as well as calculating various levels of enemy AI.  It really beats on the CPU.  As a result, we see a more significant impact with the Vapochilled Pentium 4 3.3GHz setup, which is approximately 18 - 19% faster.

UT2003, Quake 3 Benchmarks And The Rating

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