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The Artec Dual DVD±R/RW Drive
A Quality DVD±R/RW for Less

By, Jeff Bouton
March 17, 2004

CD/DVD Write Tests - Artec Dual DVD±R/RW Drive
The Burning Question...

Nero CD-R & DVD±R Write Tests:

Next we ran a series of write tests, recording 703MBs of MP3s to a CD-R and 4GBs of AVIs to both a DVD-R and DVD+R. Below is a grid that breaks down the results for each drive.

Write Test Artec Dual DVD Plextor PX-708UF
703MB CD-R 24X 4:07 40X 3:29
4GB DVD-R 4X 23:11 4X 13:36
4GB DVD+R 8X 13:45 8X 13:04

Here we found ourselves facing a couple of issues.  For one, when performing the recording tests, Nero reported both drives at 4X with DVD-R and 8X with DVD+R.  However, the results say otherwise.  What we found was with our Memorex 4X DVD-R media, the Artec drive completed this in the time typically seen with 2.4X DVD-R media.  The Plextor drive completed in the time we expected for 4X recording.  With the DVD+R tests we used TDK 4X DVD+R media.  Once again, both drives appeared to be recording at 8X in Nero, but the times were indicative of both drives running at 4X.  So it looks like we are seeing a media issue with the Artec drive and Memorex DVD-R media which may be corrected with a future firmware update.  None was available at the time of this review.

Nero CD DAE Test

Our last test focused on both drive's performance related to digital audio extraction, the rate at which the drive can copy the files of an Audio CD to the hard drive.


Artec DVD±R/RW

With digital audio extraction, the Artec drive was only 15 seconds slower than the Plextor drive and utilized only 1% of the CPU compared to the Plextor's 3% utilization.  When it comes to audio extraction, this is a solid performer while using minimal CPU cycles.

We must say, that while the Artec Dual DVD±R/RW performed slightly slower than the Plextor PX-708UF, it was competitive by and large.  We failed to realize any real benefits of the larger 8MB buffer, however, it should make buffer underruns a very rare occurrence.  But when all is said and done, this drive still managed to compete with the higher priced drive, the only major difference being with 4X DVD write speeds that may be a media issue possibly correctable with a firmware update.

Ultimately, if you are looking to purchase an economical DVD writer that supports multiple formats, the Artec Dual DVD±R/RW is an good alternative to a premium model.  The drive may suffer in some areas of performance, but overall it functioned well.  We found the Artec Dual DVD±R/RW selling for around $130 at several online retailers, while the Plextor 708A, the internal equivalent to the PX-708UF we used for testing, hovered around $175.  If you need a capable DVD±R/RW drive for less, the performance and features of the Artec Dual DVD±R/RW show that it is worth considering.

We give the Artec Dual DVD±R/RW Drive a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of a 7.5.

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