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The AOpen Aeolus FX5600S
AOpen Enters the Mainstream with Some Punch

By - Tom Laverriere
December 3, 2003


Performance Comparisons With Final Fantasy XI v2.0
Fulfill Your Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a title that is more well known by console users, but it appears that Squaresoft is ready to make the jump to the PC, with a MMORPG version of the classic. The demo version comes bundled with a benchmark, which displays a final score every time it makes a full cycle.  Although it was meant more for checking a system's readiness to play the game, we found that we could get a meaningful test by setting it to high-res and then dividing the final score (rendered frames) by the time elapsed, to get the frame rate.

Surprise, ATi is at it again.  Besides beating on this recurring theme, it's also worth noting that Final Fantasy has put its own beating on these budget video cards.  It seems to us at least, that some of these mainstream cards may not be able to handle every new gaming title out there.  These frame rates you're seeing do not make playing the game impossible, but it was a bit grueling.

Benchmarks / Comparison With Gun Metal
Impressive Gameplay

Yeti Studios has also released a benchmark that is based on a real game.  According to Yeti, it is designed to push the latest DX9 based cards to the limit using Pixel and Vertex Shaders to display a rapidly changing battlefield.  To help achieve this, anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering are built into the engine, and cannot be disabled. As such, the average frame rates are lower than one should expect with the actual game, so don't be discouraged by the scores that you see in the graphs below.  The benchmark was run twice; once at 1024x768x32, and again at 1280x1024x32.

Gun Metal appears to be taxing these cards once again.  Worth noting is that the AOpen FX 5600 has finally managed to pull ahead of the 9600 Pro at the 1280x1024 setting.  While an increase of almost 5% is nothing to get too excited about, this benchmark denies ATi of the clean sweep throughout the benchmarks.  Maybe this performance can be accredited to the extra memory on the AOpen FX 5600, but again it is hard to say so irrefutably since many factors are at play here.  Next up we have the ageless Comanche 4 and Wolfenstein ET.

Next Up: Comanche 4 & Wolfenstein

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