Definitive Bioshock Infinite Review with Benchmarks

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The most frustrating part of this review is there's so much I can't tell you. Still video doesn't capture how much fun the game is. It certainly doesn't show you the scope of the story, the ties to Rapture, or why Elizabeth tells Booker that there's always a man, a lighthouse, and a city.

The game's scope is amazing. The name, BioShock Infinite, isn't just a fancy unnumbered sequel title -- it's a direct explanation of the game's story that makes perfect sense once you finish it. There's a link between Columbia, the city in the sky, and Rapture, the failed dream of Andrew Ryan.

It takes an hour or so to really get going, and the combat model could have been a little deeper, but these are minor blemishes. The audio bug is a bit more frustrating, but I'd buy the game regardless. It's good enough, in fact, to make some AMD's GPUs more attractive on their own merits if you're on a tight budget.

It's not considered politic to declare a Game of the Year winner in April, but BioShock Infinite is going to be a hard contender to beat.

  • Best storyline we've played in years
  • Elizabeth's design, animation
  • Aerial combat, unique visual design
  • Annoying audio bug

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