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The Athlon 64 FX-51 Processor
AMD Drops the Hammer, On Your Desktop!

By, Marco Chiappetta
And Dave Altavilla
September 23, 2003

We also ran a series of tests using some AMD supplied benchmarks that are native to both 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions of Windows XP on the Athlon 64 FX-51 test system.  Unlike the tests on the previous page, these benchmarks were run in native 64-Bit mode, not under WoW64 emulation.  All of these benchmarks have been optimized for AMD64, but please keep in mind that they are still in their beta forms.  Once again, we show you these scores only to give you an idea of the kinds of performance levels that are theoretically possible, when using optimized 64-bit code on the Athlon 64 FX-51.  The 32-Bit tests were run on Windows XP SP1.  The 64-Bit tests were run with a beta release of Windows XP 64-Bit Edition.

Benchmarks With Mini-GZIP
AMD Optimized Version of ZLIB

The Mini-GZIP benchmark measures the performance of an AMD64 optimized version of ZLIB, versus a standard, unmodified 32-bit version.  Using both the 32-Bit and AMD64 optimized versions, we compressed and then decompressed a single 25MB text file.  The scores below reflect the amount of time (listed in seconds) that it took to complete the processes.

Running the optimized 64-Bit versions of the Mini-GZIP benchmark gave the Athlon 64 FX-51 a huge performance gain.  Compressing a 25MB text file with the 64-Bit version took less than half the amount of time as it did on the 32-Bit version.  The same held true for the decompression process.  Don't expect to see 100% performance gains if and when some of your favorite apps are re-compiled and tweaked for native 64-Bit operation though.  We're sure some applications will run faster, maybe much faster, but expecting gains this large is not completely realistic either.

Benchmarks With STREAMS
Sustainable Memory Bandwidth In High-Performance Computers

This next test is derived from the STREAM: Sustainable Memory Bandwidth in High Performance Computers benchmark developed by John D. McCalpin, Ph.D.  Like the other tests on this page, the STREAMS benchmark in still in its beta form.  This benchmark consists of a single executable file which is run from the command line. The important results are the transfer rates listed in MB/s in the first column to the left.






The STREAMS benchmark didn't show the same kind of performance gains as the Mini-GZIP tests did.  The Copy and Scale processes were actually a tiny bit faster on the 32-Bit version of Windows, but the Add and Triad processes were a bit faster with the 64-Bit version.  The performance deltas between the different processes on the different platforms are minuscule, however. 

Benchmarks With RSA Security Benchmarks
RSA Code Optimized for AMD64

These RSA benchmarks consist of a two sets of executable files that measure the performance of RSA key generation cryptography routines. The 64-bit executables use RSA code that has been optimized for the AMD64 platform. The 32-bit executables have also been optimized for AMD64.  We ran the tests on the Athlon 64 FX-51 in both the 32-Bit and 64-Bit editions of Windows XP.


The 64-Bit RC4 and AES-128 Encryption routines, showed large performance gains versus their 32-Bit counterparts but the 64-Bit Triple-DES routine was only slightly faster than the 32-Bit version, outpacing it by a fraction of a second.  Performance with the decryption routines was very similar, with the 64-Bit versions beating out the 32-Bit versions across the board.

Some Overclocking & The Conclusion


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