AMD FX-8370 and FX-8370E 8-Core CPU Reviews

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Performance Summary: The FX-8370 and FX-8370E don't fundamentally change the performance situation -- even the higher end, 125W CPU is a very small update to the FX-8350. If AMD's eight-core chips and price points worked for you before today they're still going to work for you -- and if these cores didn't meet your workload needs, the FX-8370 isn't going to change that much.

What these new chips do offer is an opportunity for enthusiasts in the mid-range category with 95W motherboards to step up to better processors. Before today, AMD didn't really have an eight-core option in the 95W range (the FX-8300 appears to be OEM-only), which means a 95W motherboard topped out with a six-core FX-6300 with a 3.5GHz base clock and a 4.1GHz Turbo. Now, enthusiasts can step up to the FX-8370E with its 3.3GHz / 4.3GHz spread -- and eight cores, rather than just six. If you work primarily with multi-threaded software, that's a win.

AMD FX Black Edition Processor Packaging

Ever since AMD launched Bulldozer in 2011 it has been clear that the company was going to spend a few years in the CPU wilderness before a next-generation architecture could reinvent the wheel. Three years later, the company is still finding places and ways to improve its product lineup. The chart below illustrates how the new parts fit into AMD's pre-existing product placement.

AMD Updated FX Series Processor Line-Up

With the FX-9590 dropping to $229 and the new FX-8xxx chips slotting in between $145 and $200, AMD has created a more robust set of SKUs that can address consumers who want low power eight-core chips or are looking for something with a little more clock on it. If you bought into the AM3+ platform several years ago, you may have upgrade options today that you didn't have back then.

  • Eight core chips in a 95W TDP
  • FX-9590 takes a price cut
  • Wider range of chips address more needs
  • AMD lags Intel's single-thread performance, efficiency
  • Chips also lag Intel in certain multithreaded workloads
  • Older chipsets showing age

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