AMD Fusion Developers Summit Day 1 Keynote

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Introducing BOLT and HSA Foundation

Accelerating the cloud with Heterogeneous Computing

Next, Mr. Rogers moved on to a talk about the Memcached distributed memory object caching system for cloud computing environments and how heterogeneous computing can accelerate lookups. He showed how AMD’s APU can offer stronger performance than even discrete GPUs because of the vast amounts of data that need to be accessed. With discrete GPUs, the data has to first be loaded into frame buffer memory, but with APUs it does not.

Introducing Bolt Parallel Primitives Library for HSA

Introducing Bolt and the HSA Foundation
Rogers then introduced HSA Bolt, a parallel primitives library for HSA. He talked about AMD’s commitment to open standards and explained that the ultimate goal is to simplify coding software for heterogeneous computing. Rogers then went on to announce the HSA foundation, a nonprofit, open standardization body for HSA platforms. The initial list of companies founding the HSA Foundation includes AMD, ARM, Imagination Technologies, Media Tek, Texas Instruments,

Introducing the HSA Foundation

Jim Davies from ARM then came out on stage and talked about ARM’s commitment to heterogeneous computing. Krishna Yarlagadda from Imagination Technologies, K. Lawrence Log from Media Tek, Matthew Locke from TI, and Manju Hedge from AMD then came out and did the same.

That wraps up our Day 1 AMD Fusion Developers Summit coverage. Stay tuned for more details as we learn what else AMD has in store.

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